Sleep deprived

I don’t know where my ideas come from. I will admit, however, that one key ingredient is caffeine. I get a couple cups of coffee into me and weird things just start to happen – Gary Larson


Oh hell yes! I have to confess that i have been sleep deprived since i don’t know when. I used to have sleeping problems since high school, it was worsen during uni time and working does not improve that condition either.

On the normal day I am so used to caffeine booster. This means a double-triple-quadruple dose of coffee and Starbucks has been my a great help – well, my working site always have Starbucks nearby, sooo…. Here’s what my coffee regime used to look like since 6 years ago:

  • Morning (between 8 – 10 am): Iced tall red eye with 2 pumps classic syrup
  • Lunch time (between 1 – 2 pm): Iced tall red eye with 2 pumps classic syrup
  • Afternoon (between 3 – 5 pm): Iced tall red eye with 2 pumps classic syrup
  • Night (between 7 – 9 pm): Iced tall red eye with 2 pumps classic syrup

For those wondering what the hell is a “red eye”, it is actually iced coffee with additional espresso shots. So normally your espresso shots are steamed with water. In my version, it is rinsed in coffee – imagine the amount of caffeine intake I used to get on a daily basis.

Used to? Yes! Used to! Not so long ago – end of July 2013 – i found out that i was pregnant. According to google, wikipedia and all that, taking caffeine is bad for your unborn child (which includes small baby weight, premature birth and worse – miscarriage), so i had to lessen my caffeine intake. That means, stopping coffee altogether and switching to tea. Tea? I thought tea has certain amount of caffeine too? Yes, that’s true – but it is lesser than the amount of caffeine in coffee. I did cheat by taking decaffeinated coffee, but hell – it tasted strange, i’d rather not take it at all.

Kyna was born on March 2014, but my struggle continued as i am breastfeeding. Rumor has it that coffee goes to your breastmilk, so if i drink coffee, chances are the caffeine will go into the milk as well.

According to my research, that means:

  1. Kyna will be hyper because of the caffeine (duh! I don’t need that really, because she’s already a squirmy little bug!)
  2. Her delicate tummy might not be able to digest the caffeine

Bearing all those in mind, i shit you not, I have not drank caffeinated coffee for almost 11 months (that reads celibacy for me *insert crying face here*). Coffee used to help to stay focus especially without enough sleep, and with it taken off from my dietary regime, I’m suffering!

Are there any ways to still drink caffeinated coffee without tampering breastmilk? I must be dreaming here 😦


The power of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks – James Mackintosh


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