The sibling rivalry

By the time you’ll be able to read all these letters to you, I hope you’ll be old enough to understand what siblings are and what do they do to your life.

I have two younger brothers and they love you a lot! Not just the kind of love that normal uncles would provide.

You see, your uncle spoke to you before you were born, via mummy’s tummy.
They waited outside operating room when you were born.
They hold you, bathed you, kissed you, rocked you to sleep, helped fed you and so on.
Let’s put it this way, mommy is not the only person who thinks you are the center of the world – your uncles think the same way too.


You also need to know that mommy loves them very much. Your uncles and I are only 1 year and 2 weeks apart (yes, they are twins) and we grew up together.

We shared food, similar clothing, we went to movies together, mommy protected them and they do the same thing.


Please remember to always love them when you grow up. They’re not just great uncles, but they’re also my wonderful brethren!


Piercing – a story to be told

It’s a common thing in our culture for a girl to get her ears pierced. They say it makes girls look more beautiful..

Mommy’s take on that: bullshit!
I’ve stopped wearing earrings when I was 10 years old. I hated having those strange things dangling on my ears and your grandparents were okay with it. So I grew up without them and both your dad and your grandpa still think I’m beautiful – they had to!

However, when I had you, your dad was very adamant about having your ears pierced as a baby. Don’t ask me why, go ask your dad!

Long story short, you got your ears pierced at the age of 2 months old! Yes, you read it right! You cried and screamed and it crushed me to see you that way. Anyway, it came out alright and you looked very cute!


However, you were being your active self, you like to pull your ears when you’re sleepy or at your edge. Hence, 2 weeks after that, your earrings came off *sigh*
In order for you to look like a girl, daddy insisted that you have to be re-pierced and he got you new pair of earrings that was said to be difficult to take off.

So we went again when you were 3 months old. One of the worst decisions your dad and I ever made – SORRY!!
The pediatrician didn’t know how to apply this new type of earrings snd she put it backwards. You cried louder than last time. You screamed and kicked and I was crushed for the 2nd time! It’s finally over though – she dabbed your ears and we were told to wait until both wounds were completely healed – IT DID NOT HEAL!

After 15 minutes, extended to 30 minutes, to 1 hour, to 1.5 hours, to 2 hours…
Everytime she took a peep at your left earlobe, blood starts to flow and you cried from pain, the louder you cried, more blood flows from your earlobe!
You were inconsolable, I can’t feed you because you were not comfortable with the position and you were definitely not happy with it. After 2 agonizing hours and the whole hospital looking at our drama, I insisted we go to ER. They dabbed your left ear with adrenaline and we were told to come back the day after. Needless to say, you didn’t have a good night sleep that night!


I hated myself from bringing so many pain to you! The day after, the blood still flows from the wound, so I decided to remove both earrings – and the problem was solved!

Moral of the story:
You are – to me – the most beautiful baby in the whole world and as you grow up, you will continue to become the most beautiful girl and eventually the most beautiful woman. I love you for who you are and never let the world and other people define the meaning of beautiful.
If anybody ever say that you need to wear something or dress certain ways to be beautiful, you can just smile, nod, and tell them to f**k off 🙂

We all love you Kyna!