Prioritization framework

Dear Kyna,
I’m entering the 4th week of work and it’s getting intense.

You know I work as a consultant. Most of the time when people questioned what I do for living, I said it’s about giving advices for banks. Anyway, this consultant work forces me to work very long hours and sometimes on weekend too..

Before you were born, it was very common for me to leave for work at 6.30 am, work until 11pm, drive back home and resume working until 2/3 am the following day. Repeat the process everyday.

I know for most people it was brutal, but I love it! My work – Accenture – has always been  my first priority and it gives me a fulfilling career with a considerably fast career progression. I rarely took vacation – only 3 times during 5 years of career – but I never complained, because I enjoy it!

But that was BK era – Before Kyna 🙂

Come 12th March 2014, my whole life changed. You my dear, has single handedly defeated any other things in my life to claim the throne of my priorities.


Well, how am I supposed to resist that smile?

Things have changed. I left to work with heavy heart, especially when you look at me wanting me to hug you. My heart breaks when I hear you cry as you listened to my voice over the phone – because you missed me. I love it when you greeted me at the door when I come back from work – you’ll be squirming in excitement, can’t wait for me to kiss you 🙂

You’ve been screwing my mind when I’m at work – I’m always looking forward to go home and see that cheeky beautiful smile of yours!

I love you kid! You’re definitely my favorite, my everything, my first priority..


Separation Anxiety

Today is my last day of maternity holiday – this means tomorrow is my first day leaving you for work. Your grampa will be looking after you with the assistance of our helper.

You might not remember it, but I took an extended maternity leave for a total of 4.5 months. It has been a real blessing for me to watch you grow so fast. The little baby who was helpless at first has turned into a squirmy little rascal that I love whole-heartedly.

For the past months, there are various moments when you were crying inconsolably, I hugged you and your screams just stopped. You looked at me like I’m some kind of a savior, you put your head on my chest and it felt like a miracle for both of us.

I know I love you and I know the feeling is mutual.


Tomorrow I’ll be back to work and you’ll see me only in the morning and late at night – and of course you’ll have me for the whole weekend, which will only come in 6 days time. I hope you’ll do just fine while I’m away. Please don’t cry so hard because mommy won’t be there to hug you. You can cry as hard as you want when I’m around, because I’ll hug you until you fall asleep..

You might not understand this now, but I’m not leaving you when I go to work. I’ll call you every 2 hours so you’ll know I never stop thinking about you.

I love you my daughter – wish me luck having to spend my days away from you, mi tesoro..


P.S. I’m having teary eyes trying to write this letter for you..