Drooling and crawling, it’s SpiderKyna!

Dear Kyna,
Last Friday I was able to get rid of a morning meeting so I could stay at home with you and only left for another meeting at 3.30 pm..

Yeay! That means sleeping in with you, cuddles, giggles and all the good stuffs that come out of enjoying extended time with such a pleasant baby that is you..

After I bathed you, I took my usual 15seconds contemplation of what outfit should you wear today..

You see, your outfit consists off boyish colored shirts, funky onesies and multi colored layettes – I got bored sometimes.. Then I suddenly remembered this particular onesie I bought for you when you were still in my womb – when I was bloated beyond comprehension a.k.a 8 months pregnant (i don’t bother remembering my 9th month – was I a hippo?).. I bought a spiderman suit..

Yes.. Let it sink in..

Yes.. Your mom is a crazy superheroes fan and I have a soft spot for marvel comics.. The moment I saw that spidey jumpsuit, I fell in love.. It was a gamble, but it’s worth the 7 months waiting for you to finally fit into it 🙂


You’re too cute 🙂

I hope when you read this, Peter Benjamin Parker is still a thing 🙂

Anyway, I posted this in Facebook (if by the time you read this Facebook is no longer around, it’s a social media where you post pictures, poke people, make lame statuses and expecting likes – hahah I know it’s lame). People commented about how crazy I am for dressing you in a spidey suit, instead of a princess dress..

So I asked myself, why? What’s up with this stereotypical female has to wear flowery-ruffled-pinkish-purple-stupid dress with matching leggings to be regarded as pretty?

See your picture above and you still look pretty – not handsome! You are much cooler than those little babies your age who were forced to use uncomfortable fabric with awkward cutting adorned in stupid decorations.. I can’t think of anything comfier than your jumpsuit, really..

As you grow older, this idiotic public opinion bashing girls who put comfort over being pretty would still be around. I’m a living example of how the world thinks I might not be straight just because I was a tomboy..

My messages for you kid:

  1. You don’t have to wear skirts to appear girly. Pants have the same effect if you wear it right.
  2. Being classy is far more important than trying to be pretty but ending up looking trashy.
  3. Makeup ruins your skin if worn extensively and for longer period. Sunscreen is all you need.
  4. Strict inhuman diet is not necessary because it jeopardizes your health. And let me tell you, you don’t deserve guys who only wanted to date skinny bitches.
  5. Being pretty doesn’t translate into wearing pink or purple or pastel color. Look up Audrey Hepburn and see how black makes you look fabulous.
  6. Tiaras and excessive jewelry only make you attractive to robbers.
  7. Revealing too many skins is not beautiful – it’s awful.
  8. Whitening or tanning your skin are not necessary. Same thing goes to plucking your eyebrows, dying your hair, injecting botox, augmenting your breasts or lips or whatever. You don’t want to end up looking like a freak of nature.
  9. Do not compare your appearance or your life with other people. NEVER DO THAT!! It’s alright if you make it a motivation, but never ever obsessed over someone else’s appearance or life.
  10. I will always tell you that you’re beautiful. This is not because you are my daughter, you are indeed a very beautiful girl, and I mean it. Whoever tells you otherwise, tell them to come see me and I’ll make sure that asshole apologizes to you.
  11. I love you Kyna – always and forever!

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