2015 – oh.. the odd year..


Dear Kyna,

i know it’s way too late to welcome the 2015. But this is literally my first letter for you this year, so that’ll do 🙂

Let me begin with I had real fun with 2014.. The following are just several good things happened last year:

  • You! Needless to say that you are my perfect little bundle of joy. 2014 has been filled with crazy times, wonderful times, sad times, depressing times, exhilarating times – everything i went through with you.. I really hope i can carry forward all of the happiness to 2015 and beyond. I love you Kyna!


  • Arsenal finally won a silverware – an FA cup. Anybody who knows me knows that your mom is a huge Arsenal fans! We had a huge Arsenal flower arrangements, Arsenal themed pre-wedding pictures, Arsenal ice carvings and Arsenal welcome standing banner at MY WEDDING. Yes, you read that right, I had all those shenanigans at my wedding and your dad just pretty much went along with it. This great team has not been earning any silverware since the 2004-2005 season! You have know idea how ecstatic I was when they finally won a cup – the drought has finally ended. I’ll write more about Arsenal in my letters in the future, because you HAVE TO BE an Arsenal fans as well 🙂

Arsenal FA Cup 2014

source: http://www.arsenal.com – Arsenal’s official page

  • Germany national team won the world cup! Two football events listed here; you’ll get that i’m an avid fan of football (well, to say that i’m an avid fan is really an understatement *chuckles*).. World cup is a very important event whereby all the great teams from around the world gather in a month long tournament normally stretched along June and July, once every 4 years (there is a Euro tournament in between) and everybody, including those who don’t normally pay attention to football, celebrate the event. Your grandparents introduced me to football, or rather world cup, in 1994 when world cup was held in 1994 (i think that was when the US folks open their eyes to the real football, not the american football that has nothing to do with foot). I immediately liked ‘Der Panzer’ – the nickname for Germany national team. They didn’t do well in 1998, but they came very close as a runner up in 2002 when Brazil defeated them. They ended up in 3rd position in 2006 and 2010 (i really thought they would won the cup in 2010; i had a heartbreak period for over a week when they lost in semi final), and finally claimed the throne in 2014.

Germany 2014

source: http://www.mirror.co.uk

  • I came to term with my maturity as a mother. I was a very individualistic human being and never puts anything above myself. Everything changed with your birth, i finally understand my mother better, i finally understand what it feels like to love someone else with all my heart, above all else. Thanks, Kyna!

I had lots of great fun in 2014. What will 2015 bring?

I began 2015 with a big skepticism.. I had several bad experiences during odd years, while event years generally gave me happier outlook, well.. except for 2007. I’ll reserve the story for other time.

It’s already the 3rd week of 2015 and you’re down with a fever caused by a viral infection. It’s a grim outlook for now, but i hope things will start to pick up from now on.

Talk to you later Kyna..



Down with the sickness

Dear Kyna,
When your grandpa texted me at 6.49pm saying that you’re a bit warm, i thought he was just being this overly protective gramps as he always does. I told her I’m coming back soon. However, the traffic was pretty much a mess here in Jakarta.

I arrived at almost 8.30pm – you were being fed with mashed rice i cooked this morning. You looked happy as you greeted me with your lovely smile.

You immediately hopped into my chest. I feel warm – literally. I took your temperature – 36.9 Celsius – I’m pretty worried.

Our maid told me you pooped 7 times today, add it to the 3 times you’ve had this morning makes it 10 times – i was shocked. Then she told me you vomited this afternoon. I immediately called the hospital to check if you’re pediatrician is available tomorrow. She is. I’m definitely driving you there tomorrow – gotta skip my morning meeting.

Not long after,  you showed the signs of being sleepy – very fussy, yawning, sulking and brushing against your nose. I fed you and you started to look very drowsy. But then you puked. Oh shit!

I cleaned you and changed your clothing, but as soon as i lifted you up, you had an explosive diarrhea. Gosh, that’s the eleventh time you pooped today, for crying out loud!

You look a bit pale and less energetic than your usual self. It’s really disheartening for me to see you in such conditions.


I really hope you get well soon so we can play like we used to. I hope it’s nothing serious and just a normal – easily curable baby disease. Please get well soon kyna! I can’t wait to have you crawl on my tummy as usual.

Mommy loves you!