The sibling rivalry

By the time you’ll be able to read all these letters to you, I hope you’ll be old enough to understand what siblings are and what do they do to your life.

I have two younger brothers and they love you a lot! Not just the kind of love that normal uncles would provide.

You see, your uncle spoke to you before you were born, via mummy’s tummy.
They waited outside operating room when you were born.
They hold you, bathed you, kissed you, rocked you to sleep, helped fed you and so on.
Let’s put it this way, mommy is not the only person who thinks you are the center of the world – your uncles think the same way too.


You also need to know that mommy loves them very much. Your uncles and I are only 1 year and 2 weeks apart (yes, they are twins) and we grew up together.

We shared food, similar clothing, we went to movies together, mommy protected them and they do the same thing.


Please remember to always love them when you grow up. They’re not just great uncles, but they’re also my wonderful brethren!